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Love Her or Lose Her New York Times Bestselling Author Tessa Bailey Returns With A Unique, Sexy Romantic Comedy About A Young Married Couple Whose Rocky Relationship Needs A Serious Renovation Rosie And Dominic Vega Are The Perfect Couple High School Sweethearts, Best Friends, Madly In Love Well, They Used To Be Anyway Now Rosie S Lucky To Get A Caveman Grunt From The Ex Soldier Every Time She Walks In The Door Dom Is Faithful And A Great Provider, But The Man She Fell In Love With Ten Years Ago Is Nowhere To Be Found When Her Girlfriends Encourage Rosie To Demand Out Of Life And Pursue Her Dream Of Opening A Restaurant, She Decides To Demand Out Of Love, Too Three Words Marriage Boot CampNever In A Million Years Did Rosie Believe Her Stoic, Too Manly To Emote Husband Would Actually Agree To Relationship Rehab With A Weed Smoking Hippy Dom Talking About Feelings Sitting On Pillows Communing With Nature Learning Love Languages Nope But To Her Surprise, He S All In, And It Forces Her To Admit Her Own Role In Their Cracked Foundation As They Complete One Ridiculous Yet Surprisingly Helpful Assignment After Another, Their Remodeled Relationship Gets Stronger Than Ever Except Just As They Re Getting Back On Track, Rosie Discovers Dom Has A Secret And It Could Demolish Everything

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    For so long I haven t read so sweet, meaningful, poignant, emotional, romantic book pushed me make so much awwww sounds, fill my eyes with happy, smiley tears, warm my heart, ring into my ears a lyrical, hopeful love song and give me the biggest reason to do my happy dance as a change I mixed my Travolta Beyonce m

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    A second chance romance that portrays characters that fall in love once again with their soul mate, alongside finding yourself as a whole without each other If you have been following my reviews for a while, you all bet your sweet cheeks that you know that my obsession for Tessa Bailey is kind of a concerning matter Ev

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    2.5 stars, I think I d be lying if I said this wasn tthan a little disappointing Fix Her Up was one of my favorite romances of the year and unfortunately this one didn t even come close to hitting the same mark for me I didn t feel the chemistry between Rosie and Dominic that I was hoping to feel based off of the snippets o

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    1 Fix Her Up Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Romie from books coffee with romie 1 Fix Her Up Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Romie from books coffee with romie

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    rosie and dominic werent my favourite characters in the first book of this series i tried to convince myself that it was only because they had minor roles and that this installment would give them their chance to shine, but im still feeling indifferent towards them what really pushed me towards picking this up was wanting to see how

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    Argh this book started out so strong but really irritated me by the end Rosie and Dominic Vega are high school sweethearts They used to be madly in love Now they don t talk at all really Dom is faithful and works hard, but he isn t man she fell in love with ten years ago When Rosie decides to look forout of life and pursue her dream of op

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    sobs uncontrollablyFriends, I hate that I didn t love this , as Fix Her Up was one of my favorite romances released in the past year, but here we are It s still deliciously steamy, but I just didn t connect with Rosie and Dominic the way that I thought I would based on our brief introduction in the first book of the series If you enjoy the ove

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    4 starsIf there was anything in this world worth fighting for, it was his wifeLove Her or Lose Her is the second book in Tessa Bailey s Hot and Hammered series After reading and loving Fix Her Up I was so excited for this one It wasn t as fun or endearing, but I actually loved the romanceMaybe it s the old married person in me, but sometimes I love

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    Holy Is it hot in here or is it just me Steaminess I loved this sexy romantic comedy about a young married couple whose rocky relationship needs an intervention Maybe it s because as a married woman I could relate to so many aspects of their issues It s so easy to fall into a daily rut and lose sight of not only who you were and are but your spouse as w

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    It s all about the fine art of communication This is book two of the Hot and Hammered series And yes, I was fully prepared this time I was poised to hit the fast forward button on my audio as the shall we just say highly descriptive spicy scenes lit up the airwaves After all, it s a safety issue I couldn t have the narration steaming up my windshield while I

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