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The Vanishing From New York Times Bestselling Author Jayne Ann Krentz Comes A New Gripping Romantic Suspense Trilogy Fraught With Danger And EnigmaForty Years Ago In The Small Town Of Fogg Lake, The Incident Occurred An Explosion In The Cave System That Released Unknown Gases, Causing Peculiar Effects On Its Residents, Such As Strange Visions And Ominous Voices Not Wanting The Government To Get Involved, They Chalked It Up To The Hallucinogenic Effects Of Mushrooms Little Did They Know These Effects Would Linger Through The GenerationsResidents Catalina Lark And Olivia Dayton Have Been Best Friends For Years And Own An Investigation Firm Together, Using What They Call The Other Sight To Help With Their Business When Olivia Goes Missing, Cat Frantically Begins The Search For Her Alone When The Town Does Nothing About It When Scientist Slate Trevelyan Shows Up, She Has No Choice But To Accept His Help Even Though There S Something About Him She Just Can T Trust The Duo Discovers Someone Is Hunting The Two Witnesses Of A Murder In Fogg Lake Fourteen Years Ago The Very One Cat And Olivia Witnessed As Teens, One That They Couldn T Prove Happened Cat And Slate S Search For Olivia Takes Them Down A Rabbit Hole That Is Far Dangerous And Mysterious Than They Ever Expected, And With A Killer In Their Midst, Neither Of Them Can Foresee Who Will Come Out Alive A new atmospheric romantic suspense series with a strong psychic element from this author will always get me perking right up and ready to grab it for a read It only took the prologue to prove the high anticipation was not wasted.The Vanishing is the first in a series centering on a remote community in the mountains where years before a government run paranormal lab s explosion had certain unique effects on the people of the nearby town and following generations The lab and others like it were shut down, but now someone is interested in picking through the clues to find the labs and the secrets hidden there They will stop at nothing even murder and kidnapping to achieve their goals.Catalina Lark is one of the gifted residents of Fogg Lake who has since moved to Seattle and set up a detective agency with her best friend, Olivia, to discreetly use their psychic talents to handle their cases Olivia disappears and Catalina must accept the help of the dreaded Foundation, an agency meant to help guide, assist, and police those with psychic abilities It has a bad rep after the previous leadership went on a power trip and even after their removal she had a bad experience with the new leader No, she doesn t want to accept a Foundation agent, but the clock is ticking on Olivia s disappearance.Slater Arganbright, recently given a cautious clean bill of health after exposure to radiation did crazy things to his psychic abilities and left him grappling with control, is sent by his uncle into the field to investigate a pair of murders that he feels have ties to the legendary Vortex and experimentation labs He is told the history between his uncle and Catalina so is well aware she s nearly hostile about his presence until he has a chance to prove himself.The Vanishing jumped right into the excitement and suspense I love to see and feel up front in a story The psychic element was a fun twist on the already intense conspiracies, murder and kidnapping Instead of aliens and Roswell or Area 51, the author went with paranormal phenomena and psychic energy It was great.The characters were tough Catalina who knows her job, has control over her psychic gift, and has a little vulnerability when it comes to men not handling all there was about her in the past usually seeing her as a freak Slater is skilled and intelligent as well and his weakness is fear of the changes in his psychic gifts that are darker making him feel like a monster I was vested in both of them easily and engaged in their story working as partners to solve Slater s case and find Olivia The story is action focused even with their relationship which is based on attraction and a soul mate like compatibility pull, but I didn t mind because the overall story was engrossing.The situation is kept a mystery and slowly peels back the layers of how the past and the present converge and leaves the reader to keep reading to see who the players are and what their agendas are The set up and investigation got things rolling slowly compared to the pace of the last quarter of the book Some good twists and dangerous moments happened and a for now wrap up that completed this story thread, but showed where the series arc is taking us Can t wait All in all, this was a abso fab series start and I look forward to what comes next in this exciting world of psychics, secret labs and romance Those who enjoy slightly spicy romantic suspense with a paranormal element should pick this one up.My thanks to Berkley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 3.75 Can we just begin by saying what a gorgeous cover this is Jayne Ann Krentz has been writing romantic suspense novels for years, and somehow never had a chance to pick one up Not sure how I missed her all this time Better late than never In Ms Krentz s latest release she s added an element of paranormal to her story line Catalina and Olivia have been friends their entire lives, growing up in Fogg Lake Love that name An off the beaten path little community A safe place to raise children that are gifted with shall we sayCertain abilities Cat and Olivia witnessed a murder when they were just teens Now years later they re living outside of Fogg Lake, working together as private investigators When Olivia vanishes it s up to Cat to track her down and bring her back home safely Maybe even with a little help along the way from Slater, a member of the Foundation That is, if she can convince herself to trust him.This was a very quick read that kept me engaged throughout, though at times I felt I was missing a bit of a backstory to the characters and Fogg Lake This is book one of a brand new series for Ms Krentz and I m anxious to see what is in store for these characters in her next release A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for an ARC to read and review. 3.5 StarsThe town of Fogg Lake has a secret One they d prefer to keep hidden Years ago, the town underwent a scientific experiment known as The Incident The town and its residents were impacted Catalina Lark and Olivia Dayton were hiding in the cave in Fogg Lake when an explosion took place and as a result, they have what some might call other sight Now living in Seattle, Catalina and Olivia run a highly successful PI business, which is in part, due to their unusual talents One night when Olivia is set to go on a date, she is kidnapped, leaving Catalina to try and find her best friend Lucky for her, Slater Arganbright from the Foundation shows up to help Talk about a distraction No matter what Cat thinks of Arganbright, she needs all the help she can get if she s going to find Olivia and goodness knows that Slater has a few special talents of his own More than one if Cat is being honest with herself The Vanishing from Jayne Ann Krentz is an entertaining, fun and blush worthy read which kept me on my toes throughout I must admit that I was quite intrigued with the idea of other sight as I have always believed somewhat in the idea of people having psychic powers thus I was immediately drawn into this novel The only drawback for me was that there were several characters whose backstories I felt like I was constantly missing, even though this was the first book in the series Regardless, Ms Krentz s writing was effortless and enjoyable and I would recommend it to any reader who has an open mind This was another buddy read with Kaceey Thank you to Elisha at Penguin Publishing Group and Jayne Ann Krentz for the arc.Published on Goodreads on 12.21.19. Every once in a while you pick up a book that blows you away Bravo, Jayne Ann Krentz, because The Vanishing was mind blowing with its utterly original plot.The government was secretly experimenting with all things paranormal When something goes drastically wrong, the entire town s inhalants of Fogg Lake are transformed into something This story follows Catalina as she tries to rescue her life long friend Olivia from people who want information that might be locked away in her subconsciousness Catalina quest is joined by a member of the Foundation, Slater They soon discover that Catalina is also being targeted and must traverse the dangerous footsteps of Catalina s and Olivia s past to discover the danger in the present.The Vanishing provides a mind bending mystery that will have you glued to the pages.I received this ARC copy of The Vanishing from Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review The Vanishing is set for publication Jan 7, 2020.

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