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The Deep Someone, Or Some Thing, Is Haunting The TitanicThis Is The Only Way To Explain The Series Of Misfortunes That Have Plagued The Passengers Of The Ship From The Moment They Set Sail Mysterious Disappearances, Sudden Deaths Now Suspended In An Eerie, Unsettling Twilight Zone During The Four Days Of The Liner S Illustrious Maiden Voyage, A Number Of The Passengers Including Millionaires Madeleine Astor And Benjamin Guggenheim, The Maid Annie Hebbley And Mark Fletcher Are Convinced That Something Sinister Is Going On And Then, As The World Knows, Disaster StrikesYears Later And The World Is At War And A Survivor Of That Fateful Night, Annie, Is Working As A Nurse On The Sixth Voyage Of The Titanic S Sister Ship, The Britannic, Now Refitted As A Hospital Ship Plagued By The Demons Of Her Doomed First And Near Fatal Journey Across The Atlantic, Annie Comes Across An Unconscious Soldier She Recognises While Doing Her Rounds It Is The Young Man Mark And She Is Convinced That He Did Not Could Not Have Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic

About the Author: Alma Katsu

Hard to put down Not recommended reading after dark Stephen King Makes the supernatural seem possible Publishers WeeklyNPR 100 Favorite Horror StoriesNominated for the Stoker and Locus awardsAuthor of THE HUNGER, a reimagining of the Donner Party s tragic journey Putnam THE TAKER, THE RECKONING and THE DESCENT Gallery Books The Taker was selected by ALA Booklist as one of the top

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    3.5 stars Stories surrounding the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage seem to have an eternal draw, and this one is no different What does make this one slightly different from the rest however, is the fact that it weaves within it s storyline, a touch of the paran

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    3.5 starsIs something sinister haunting the Titanic Four passengers Madeline Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Mark Fletcher and Annie Hebbley believe something is haunting the ship A series of strange events occurrences and deaths have occurred since the Titanic set sail Then of course

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    OCTOBER SPOOKTACULAR CONTINUES a couple years back, i read this author s horror spin on the donner party tragedy, The Hunger i loved her writing, and i thought the way she handled the historical details was excellent, but the horror elements seemed extraneous they were fine, but they

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    Pages 432Expected publication March 10th 2020 The troubled mind can never know itself That is the sad truth of madness Sinister and atmospheric drama infused with real people and facts regarding the voyage of the Titanic and the last Voyage of the Britannic This was similar in ways to the Ti

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    CursedA sense of connection drove me to this story and an intriguing twist in terms of the supernatural sealed its fate I would bribe the author, publisher or NetGalley if necessary to get hold of this ASAP For the record, I didn t need to, that s how NetGalley works the ARCs, not the bribery.For years I wor

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    Katsu casts her spell by weaving together the timelines of the sinking of the Titanic and the explosion of sister ship Britannic There are ghostly goings on, s ances, marital strife, and the clash of class on the Titanic All of which foreshadow the tragedy The action on the Britannic provides closure to the mysterious occurre

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    THE DEEP takes us back to the final days of the Titanic, her sister ship the Britannic, and the mysterious woman who links them both In a haunting story of love and revenge, Alma Katsu blends paranormal and historical fiction as only she can a spellbinding tale where desire knows no bounds and death is only a beginning Another fantast

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    Morbidly fascinating, ghostly, and spooky In the days leading up to that fateful day in April of 1912, the guests of the infamous luxury ocean liner, the Titanic, are being plagued by strange occurrences cold spots, disappearing belongings, whispered voices emanating from the sea, overwhelming feelings of paranoia and suspicion, and sudden une

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    2.5 stars and I wish I could have liked it betterEverything and I mean everything about the Titanic fascinates me When this book became a download on Edelweiss, I jumped at the chance to read this advanced copy As much as I wanted to love it, I didn t, and of course mixed into that was disappointment.This is a story about a haunting and ships that was

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