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The Wild One (Corisi Billionaires, #2) She Wants To Go Wild A Billionaire Decides To Go With Her For Two Americans In Paris, Love Wasn T In The Plans In New York Times Bestselling Author Ruth Cardello S Sexy High Stakes Romance After Years Of Choosing Safe Over Satisfying, A Weeklong Paris Fling Sounds Perfect To Wren Heath And Who Better To Have It With Than Mauricio Romano, A Billionaire With A Reputation As A First Class Heartbreaker A Few Days Fun, Then Done What Happens On Vacation Stays On Vacation, Right Paris Was Mauricio S Playground, And Love Was Never Part Of The Game Lust Toujours Then He Meets A Sweet Woman Who Wants To Be A Sex Kitten He Knows How To Give Her The Wildest Five Days And Nights Of Her Life No Commitments No Strings But The Hotter It Gets, The Harder It Is To Remember His Own RulesWhat Do You Do When What Happens In Paris Stays In Your Heart And Then Shows Up At Home Are These Two Destined To Clash Or Destined For Love I could not put this book down I read it in one day I loved the dreamy landscape of Paris and Wren and Mauricio are great opposites attract characters that somehow actually have a lot in common This is a common fantasy going away and falling in love abroad The pitfalls and anxiety of the should we do this shouldn t we do this , and the fantasy of being who you want to be when there are no preconceived notions and letting your fears behind for a week away It s all very sincere and feelings I know I would be put in if I were in a scenario like this I liked the quirky side characters of Cecile and Felix I love both Wren and Mauricio s families and how they tie in at the later half of the book If you re looking for romance abroad this is the book for you Where my confusion lies is the minor tie ins with the character Dominic Corisi Also why is this called the Corisi billionaire series when it focus s on the Romano family I have a feeling this will be tied up in a bow throughout the series, but as someone who had just read this book and not the other series it was a tad confusing She did include a disclaimer about the previous book, and his appearance in this book, but it felt like there wasn t enough plot to justify it It was 98% about Mauricio and Wren, and 2% this side plot about this man who doesn t want to, but is forced to find his family What really gets me is it s mentioned but nothing actually happens in this plotline.I think if the author wanted to tie these two families together, it would have been an interesting book on its own about Dominic finding his other family and tie these two series together, but as it is now, it s a bit unsatisfying Halfway through the book I thought what happened to the guy in the first chapter what does this have to do with everyone Overall I really enjoyed the book, and plan to read the first book about Sebastian and if there are any sequential books in this series as well Hopefully we will find about Dominic out as well ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Let me preface this by saying, this was my first Ruth Cardello book I feel like I have accidentally stepped into a magical world in the middle of the story I am absolutely ecstatic to be here, but I clearly need to start at the beginning I don t think that an average reader will have a hard time as reading this as a stand alone However there are obvious clues that I am missing stuff, and that never sits well with me I need the whole story Especially because the writing was flawless and the story intriguing.The world building in this book was phenomenal I fell in love with Paris seeing it through the eyes of an engineer I also fell in love with the Ramano family Even though there are skeletons in the closet that I haven t uncovered yet, Again, I am totally going back to the beginning I absolutely loved them.The main two characters, Wren and Mauricio, were so well crafted They are both believable, just flawed enough, but perfect for each other This is not your typical bad boy meets good girl romance It s so much deeper This is exactly the kind of story I love There are lots of moving parts, some overt, some not so much.I absolutely will be immersing myself in Ruth s back catalog for a while I feel as though I ve found a new favorite ssshwearereading.wordpress.com 2019 1 The Wild One Corisi Billionaires 2 by Ruth Cardello Instant heat or slow simmering With those Romano men, you never know what to expect Sebastian was a brooding mass of contradictions and Mauricio is a charmer with his own brand of baggage to work through Well played, Ruth Cardello The Corisi Billionaires series is turning out to be a beautiful surprise There s always a twist you never saw coming and a few familiar faces litter the canvas from than one fabulous Cardello series Two lost souls find themselves in the city of love Mauricio and Wren will take emotions on a magical escapade that ranges from instant lust to soulful yearning and oh, so much Cardello aims high and has yet to miss the mark when it comes to stealing hearts. I m struggling to write a review for this one It s apparently one in a series The prologue and the finale involved a character who never appeared in the rest of the book So why was he there I found this both confusing and annoying, since it clearly required you read a series and I dislike being forced into that What can I say about the rest of the book Well, on the positive side, it was a pleasant enough little romance with some sexy bits thrown in and was not badly written However, it never really grabbed me I thought the plot was rather pedestrian and with under developed characters it meant that when I d finished, I could barely remember anything I d read Sorry, but if I was on holiday lying under a parasol, this would probably have passed an hour or two quite easily but it was nothing particularly exciting If you like undemanding and predictable easy reading, this is okay Not for me, I m afraid.

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