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Dreamland The Year Is When Twenty Year Old Heiress Peggy Batternberg Is Invited To Spend The Summer In America S PlaygroundThe Invitation To The Luxurious Oriental Hotel A Mile From Coney Island Is Unwelcome Despite Hailing From One Of America S Richest Families, Peggy Would Much Rather Spend The Summer Working At The Moonrise Bookstore Than Keeping Up Appearances With New York City Socialites And Her Snobbish, Controlling FamilyBut Soon It Transpires That The Hedonism Of Nearby Coney Island Affords Peggy The Freedom She Has Been Yearning For, And It S Not Long Before She Finds Herself In Love With A Troubled Pier Side Artist Of Humble Means, Whom The Batternberg Patriarchs Would Surely Disapprove Of Disapprove They May, But Hidden Behind Their Pomposity Lurks A Web Of Deceit, Betrayal And Deadly Secrets And As Bodies Begin To Mount Up Amidst The Sweltering Clamour Of Coney Island, It Seems The Powerful Batternbergs Can Get Away With Anything Even MurderExtravagant, Intoxicating And Thumping With Suspense, Bestselling Nancy Bilyeau S Magnificent Dreamland Is A Story Of Corruption, Class And Dangerous Obsession

About the Author: Nancy Bilyeau

Nancy is a writer and magazine editor who has worked as an editor at Rolling Stone, InStyle, and Good Housekeeping Her new historical novel is Dreamland, set in 1911 New York City and telling the story of a rebellious heiress who escapes from her over protective family to experience the delights of Coney IIsland but there are dangers too The novel has received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.In December 2019 Nancy published a novella set in old New York The Ghost of Madison Avenue, telling a mystery set in the private library of JP Morgan that is earning positive reader reviews.Nancy is the author of The Blue, a novel of suspense set in the art and porcelain worlds of 18th century Europe featuring a young female artist turned spy, and a trilogy of award winning Tudor mysteries, published in 9 countries The Crown, The Chalice, and The Tapestry Nancy s mind is usually in past centuries, but she lives with her family in the Queens borough of New York City.Visit Nancy s website at www.nancybilyeau.com, and follow her on Twitter tudorscribe.

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    Whelp I can t stop thinking about tierlistsso here s another video ranking all my January Books Now that you know where this one stands, check out the video to see the rest The Written Review there is one thing I do know Women of my family, and all others like us, cannot behave the same as men do. Set in 1911, Peggy Ba

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    Peggy Batternberg is a member of one of the wealthiest families in America, but she doesn t behave in the manner expected of her position in life this is 1911, a time when privileged and wealthy young women had to maintain an air of respectability, and were told what they could and couldn t do, especially by their menfol

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    Coney Island America s playground It s 1911 and American Heiress, Peggy Battenberg has been requested told your better come or else to spend the summer at the Oriental Hotel with the rest of her family She would rather continue working at the Moonrise bookstore, but appearances are everything and she and her family must ke

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    I cannot say liked this novel although some moments were interesting To begin with, I found the presentation of the famous Coney Island in its golden days truly interesting, its entertainment and the people who provided it At times I liked Peggy Batternberg for her independence and inquisitiveness However, I found her too na

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    Emancipated heroine, full of pseudo feminist contemporary remarks CheckSaid heroine is a reluctant part of the richest family in the USA CheckSaid heroine has a superficial sister CheckSaid heroine has a strict mother CheckSaid heroine was once engaged to her sister s evil looking fiance because obviously CheckSaid fiance has

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    Restrictions on women and the treatment of foreigners are spotlighted throughout the story It focuses on the social structure and the formation of society on Coney Island during 1911so than the police procedural The lush atmosphere was a character in itself and played a dominant role in the movement of the storyEverything is rea

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    The cover of Dreamland is beautiful It reminded me of Erin Morgenstern s The Night Circus which I really liked and I requested for this one without reading the summary It s a completely different genre Dreamland being a historical mystery and The Night Circus being fantasy I don t know if it s just me but the cover seemed to promi

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    Dreamland is an amazing Historical Fiction novel set in New York Peggy is a twenty year old heiress from one of the richest families in America the Batternbergs It is the summer of 1911 and Peggy was ordered by her family to vacation in the luxurious beach front Oriental Hotel for a few weeks to accompany her mother and sister Peggy

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    Actual rating 3.5 E ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My opinions are my own and are not affected in any way PROS Night Circus vibes Even if this is a mystery book and Night Circus is a fantasy one, and they don t have anything in common, the first chapters, plus some other parts, reminde

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    Everything is real on Coney Island and nothing is real summary Peggy Battenberg is the black sheep daughter of one of the wealthiest and most affluent families in the early 20th century America However, she is not your typical heiress She is a New Woman , working in a bookshop and trying her best to distance herself from her family Howe

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