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The Riveting Story Of A Trading Prodigy Who Amassed Million From His Childhood Bedroom Until The Government Accused Him Of Helping Trigger An Unprecedented Market CollapseSoon To Be A Feature Film Starring Dev Patel On May Financial Markets Around The World Tumbled Simultaneously And Without Warning In The Span Of Five Minutes, A Trillion Dollars Of Valuation Was Lost The Flash Crash, As It Became Known, Represented The Fastest Drop In Market History When Share Values Rebounded Less Than Half An Hour Later, Experts Around The Globe Were Left Perplexed What Had They Just Witnessed Navinder Singh Sarao Hardly Seemed Like A Man Who Would Shake The World S Financial Markets To Their Core Raised In A Working Class Neighborhood In West London, Nav Was A Preternaturally Gifted Trader Who Played The Markets Like A Computer Game By The Age Of Thirty, He Had Left Behind London S Trading Arcades, Working Instead Out Of His Childhood Home For Years The Money Poured In But When Lightning Fast Electronic Traders Infiltrated Markets And Started Eating Into His Profits, Nav Built A System Of His Own To Fight Back It Worked Until , When The FBI Arrived At His Door Depending On Whom You Ask, Sarao Was A Scourge, A Symbol Of A Financial System Run Horribly Amok, Or A Folk Hero Who Took On The Tyranny Of Wall Street And The High Frequency TradersA Real Life Financial Thriller, Flash Crash Uncovers The Remarkable, Behind The Scenes Narrative Of A Mystifying Market Crash, A Globe Spanning Investigation Into International Fraud, And The Man At The Center Of Them Both Flash Crash: A Trading Savant, a Global Manhunt, and the Most Mysterious Market Crash in History

About the Author: Liam Vaughan

Liam Vaughan is an investigative journalist for Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek He has been awarded the Gerald Loeb prize for excellence in business journalism and the Harold Wincott prize for financial journalism.

10 thoughts on “Flash Crash: A Trading Savant, a Global Manhunt, and the Most Mysterious Market Crash in History

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    Ah, there s no better time to read a book that examines that many problems with late stage capitalism than during a pandemic being made worse by late stage capitalism Liam Vaughan s Flash Crash is an immersive look at h

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    Too crazy not to be trueFinancial investigative journalist Liam Vaughan seems to have had the time of his life putting together Flash Crash But then, the story is so rich with characters and so bizarre in its nature, that

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    Flash Crash is probably not the brightest book to opt to read when our economy is shrinking seismically due to our current predicament It feels very ironic to be publishing it right now when it couldn t be be anyrelevant and

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    This was a delightful read I know little about stock markets, but Vaughan makes the subject very interesting He explains different techniques for trading in ways that even I can understand Navinder and the people he surrounded h

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    3.5 It s very entertaining and fast reading but like a long article Some context was lacking, as was Navinder Sarao s own take on what he did, although that s excusable as he hadn t been sentenced yet Still, when he s quoted it s i

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    A decent read about the how manipulative the financial market truly is, as well as some of the ponzi schemes used by some HFT quants One of the tactics used includes fake buy sell limit orders on the Level 2 A highly recommended read

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    I love stories that have to do with odd crimes, or of odd happenings in the US.I was excited to see this was up for grabs as an ARC.I know little to nothing of stocks or how stocks actually work, but I want to thank Liam Vaughan for expl

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    Imagine a system where the biggest, most powerful players get to tell the regulators and the exchanges who to go after based on who is taking money off them, says one prop trader Welcome to the futures market Welcome to the big bad world of tr

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    A riveting story of a math wiz and one of the greatest and fastest market crashes in history, as well several other interconnected fraud fraudsters This book does a great job explaining and simplifying how the futures market work, and how Nav Sar

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