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The Winemaker's Wife The Author Of The Engrossing People International Bestseller The Room On Rue Am Lie Returns With A Moving Story Set Amid The Champagne Vineyards Of France During The Darkest Days Of World War II, Perfect For Fans Of Heather Morris S The Tattooist Of AuschwitzChampagne, In S Has Just Married Michel, The Owner Of Storied Champagne House Maison Chauveau, When The Germans Invade As The Danger Mounts, Michel Turns His Back On His Marriage To Begin Hiding Munitions For TheR Sistance In S Fears They Ll Be Exposed, But For C Line, The French Jewish Wife Of Chauveau S Chef De Cave, The Risk Is Even Greater Rumors Abound Of Jews Being Shipped East To An Unspeakable Fate When C Line Recklessly Follows Her Heart In One Desperate Bid For Happiness, And In S Makes A Dangerous Mistake With A Nazi Collaborator, They Risk The Lives Of Those They Love And The Vineyard That Ties Them Together New York, Recently Divorced, Liv Kent Is At Rock Bottom When Her Feisty, Eccentric French Grandmother Shows Up Unannounced, Insisting On A Trip To France But The Older Woman Has An Ulterior Motive And A Tragic, Decades Old Story To Share When Past And Present Finally Collide, Liv Finds Herself On A Road To Salvation That Leads Right To The Caves Of The Maison Chauveau In the Champagne region of France, newlyweds Michel and Ines owned a winery by the name of Maison Chauveau During the 1940s when WWII breaks out, the Nazis invade their small town and take over the supply produced by their winery Lucky for Ines, her life isn t heavily affected by the war, but even still, her marriage is perishing before her eyes And then Ines discovers that Michel is taking part in the French Resistance and she worries what his actions will cost them Celine and her husband Theo live in a cottage on Maison Cheuveau s property, as Theo is Michel s righthand man When Celine learns that the Germans are arresting and sending Jews to work camps, she starts to worry, as she is half Jewish Celine s fears nearly consume her, but her husband doesn t have the empathy she is looking for Instead, she finds sensitivity in Michel, and they strike up a relationship, even in the midst of war In present day, Liz is recently divorced and doesn t know what to do with her life now She visits her 99 year old grandmother Edith in France a chance to get to know her grandmother better while deciding where to go next While in France, Edith starts to reveal stories of her past and Liv learns that Edith was involved in WWII than she originally thought She s getting to discover her family s history but why did Edith wait so long to tell her story The Winemaker s Wife is Kristin Harmel s latest WWII novel set in France I was intrigued by this story because it shed light on a part of French history I wasn t familiar with I never thought about how the wineries were affected by the war I feel like the author could ve delved deeper into how the Nazi s invaded these wineries This story doesn t focus on the gritty, heartbreaking details of WWII and is instead surface level, which can be far palatable for those who have a hard time reading about concentration camps My problem with a lot of this story is the characters I found Ines and Celine to both be unlikable characters and they both were only slightly redeemable by the end I liked Liv, but I wish we saw of her life 3 5 stars Thank you to NetGalley, Gallery Books and Kristin Harmel for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and Simon Shuster Canada for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review. Kristin Harmel presents a well researched and detailed story set in wartime Reims France 1938 1943 and the other in contemporary France 2019 I gravitated to this story because I have visited Reims and its gorgeous cathedral Notre Dame de Reims the site in which many French monarchs were crowned and was intrigued at the angle of the champagne industry and it s resistance during German occupation Also, I did enjoy the author s 2018 book The Room on Rue Amelie But what often had me considering DNFing or giving this a lower rating on Goodreads was the descent into historical romance Michel, Ines, Cecile, and Theo were all so weak and I honestly hated all of them It was so incredibly difficult to relate to characters that just kept cheating on each other Ines, Cecile, Michel or stuck their heads in the sand Theo I totally get it that ordinary people do exist and they cannot all be superheros, but this book hurt my heart In the contemporary storyline, American Liv and her grandmother, Edith arrive in Reims where Liv is told that this trip is significant Of course, a romance is thrown into the mix and the big reveal was not a surprise at all Disappointing.Goodreads Review 16 06 19Publication Date 09 07 19 France, wine, WWII, present day, and love all of this wrapped into one amazing, difficult to put down read.We meet Inez, Celine, Michel, Thor, Liv, and Liv s French grandmother, Edith, as the story moves back and forth in time.We find out about the lives of the winemakers during the war and a secret that grandmother has kept for many years as well as a connection that the vineyards, a restaurant, and the characters have to both time periods and to their lives.Grandmother Edith was my favorite character mysterious and stubborn all rolled into one.Liv was likable as well.Inez, Celine, Michel, and Thor were interesting, and their wine tunnels were fascinating.We learn of the war, the resistance, the French people involved in the resistance, and how the danger of making one simple mistake could alter the safety of many people THE WINEMAKER S WIFE is another marvelous, intriguing read about the resiliency and determination of the French people and the entire European population.Those of us who were not living during this time, do not have any idea of the horrors and hardships endured by the European people Ms Harmel weaved a beautiful tale filled with authentic characters and a story line that kept me turning the pages to learn as well as cry with the characters.Absolutely LOVED this book Do not miss reading this book 5 5This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. The synopsis provided for this story is a bit misleading Less than 15% of the story deals with the French Resistance and over, it goes into little to no details about what they did other than hiding the munitions as stated in the synopsis The members are never named, the groups are unknown, and the effect of their cause is anonymous The reader never sees the outcome of what came from their help with the resistance and there is no action regarding the resistance movement.The premise for this book was an interesting concept showing a different perspective of WWII German occupied citizens the winemakers It was interesting that they were treated differently since the Nazi soldiers needed booze, and I would have liked interaction between them.This novel relishes in marital problems, affairs, and wine The chapters alternate between Liz, Ines, and Celine The reader is quickly made aware of Liz s divorce in 2019 which causes her to fly to Reims, France to stay with her 99 year old spunky Grandma Edith Meanwhile set in 1943 during German occupied France, Ines and Celine both express their own marital problems The first half of the book primarily focuses on Ines and Celine s relationship problems with their spouses Ines constantly feels left out and insignificant, and for the reader it frequently feels like she is whining and can become annoying to suffer through the pages of her moaning about no one caring about her Overall, there was little depth to the main characters, so none of them really resonated with me I didn t like any of the characters set in the past, and I felt like it was hard to get to know them as a reader On the other hand, I did like Grandma Edith and it was her relationship with Liv and the connection that was to be made between her and the past that caused me to keep reading The ending was carefully crafted and enjoyable This is a good light read for those interested in both romance and wine There are pages and pages beautifully describing how wine is made Thank you to Gallery Books, Kristin Harmel, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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