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Axiom's End Truth Is A Human RightIt S Fall A Well Timed Leak Has Revealed That The US Government Might Have Engaged In First Contact Cora Sabino Is Doing Everything She Can To Avoid The Whole Mess, Since The Force Driving The Controversy Is Her Whistleblower Father Even Though Cora Hasn T Spoken To Him In Years, His Celebrity Has Caught The Attention Of The Press, The Internet, The Paparazzi, And The Government And With Him In Hiding, That Attention Is On Her She Neither Knows Nor Cares Whether Her Father S Leaks Are A Hoax, And Wants Nothing To Do With Him Until She Learns Just How Deeply Entrenched Her Family Is In The Cover Up, And That An Extraterrestrial Presence Has Been On Earth For DecadesRealizing The Extent To Which Both She And The Public Have Been Lied To, She Sets Out To Gather As Much Information As She Can, And Finds That The Best Way For Her To Uncover The Truth Is Not As A Whistleblower, But As An Intermediary The Alien Presence Has Been Completely Uncommunicative Until She Convinces One Of Them That She Can Act As Their Interpreter, Becoming The First And Only Human Vessel Of Communication Their Otherworldly Connection Will Change Everything She Thought She Knew About Being Human And Could Unleash A Force Sinister Than She Ever Imagined

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    7 12 19Me finding out Lindsay wrote a book and it s coming out next year Just finished watching the video on her journey to getting a book published I ve been a major fan of Lindsay videos for such a long time and can t wait to read this DYou can find me onYoutube Insta

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    Lindsay Ellis is releasing a novel Sign me the F CK up

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    Lindsay Ellis wrote a book YEEEEEESS I ve been following her since her Nostalgia Chick days and this makes me so happy

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    I never expected my Youtube geeky world to clash with thelately criminally neglected by yours trulybook world butit s vastly appreciated.Lindsay Ellis apparently wrote a book guys I m oddly excited for this OMGI never expected my Youtube geeky world to clash with thelately criminally ne

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    I loved this book, it was a pleasure to read the whole way through, and it explored some fascinating ideas of real substance with great heart and feeling The pace was excellent, the plot was excellent, the characters seemed real, flawed, and likeable At times, the book was hilarious and I laug

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    Lindsay is a friend, so I shouldn t review this in any real sense, because I am in this book s corner But I think it s a lot of fun, with a really involving plot and incredible amounts of forward momentum The central relationship between human and alien is really well done, and I ended up being surp

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    I requested this arc because I really enjoy Lindsay s film criticism on YouTube, and hoped that would be enough to overcome the sci fi, as that remains one of my struggle genres.Unfortunately, I couldn t connect with the characters, at any point I could buy into trauma leading to an emotional connection b

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    Note I received an ARC of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my own and have not been influenced I don t normally watch video essays on YouTube It takes a very specific kind of personality to get me interested enough to watch anything on YouTube forthan 10 minute

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    Reader Fox Blog Truth is a human right.For a book that touted this statement periodically through the novel and even presented it as a main theme by introducing it within its marketing, Lindsay Ellis Axiom s End really didn t have a whole hell of a lot to do with truth being a human right That said, I actually really

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    Review coming soon.

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