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Stamped A Timely, Crucial, And Empowering Exploration Of Racism And Antiracism In America This Is NOT A History Book This Is A Book About The Here And NowA Book To Help Us Better Understand Why We Are Where We Are A Book About Race The Construct Of Race Has Always Been Used To Gain And Keep Power, To Create Dynamics That Separate And Silence This Remarkable Reimagining Of Dr Ibram X Kendi S National Book Award Winning Stamped From The Beginning Reveals The History Of Racist Ideas In America, And Inspires Hope For An Antiracist Future It Takes You On A Race Journey From Then To Now, Shows You Why We Feel How We Feel, And Why The Poison Of Racism Lingers It Also Proves That While Racist Ideas Have Always Been Easy To Fabricate And Distribute, They Can Also Be Discredited Through A Gripping, Fast Paced, And Energizing Narrative Written By Beloved Award Winner Jason Reynolds, This Book Shines A Light On The Many Insidious Forms Of Racist Ideas And On Ways Readers Can Identify And Stamp Out Racist Thoughts In Their Daily Lives Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You is a re mix by Jason Reynolds of Stamped from the Beginning The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X Kendi In his adaptation for younger readers, Reynolds insists several times that Stamped is not a history book, although it covers the Black American experience from pre colonial times to the present day with even historical context from ancient history If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it s a duck, and Stamped is a history book In his afterword, Reynolds even admits that this is a non history history book I don t know what all that semantic fuss is about there is nothing wrong with history books, except that the intended audience of young readers might be reluctant to engage with something that sounds so academic But this is Jason Reynolds, and Jason Reynolds knows exactly how to engage young readers better than most other authors working today The subject matter of Stamped focuses on a paradigm that racial attitudes can be classified as segregationist, assimilationist, or antiracist According to Reynolds, a segregationist is racist an assimilationist is cowardly and an antiracist operates with love As he applies these concepts to American history, Reynolds challenges common perceptions of historical figures such as Phillis Wheatley, W E B Dubois, Martin Luther King, and many others The most heroic figures emerging from Stamped are Malcolm X, Angela Davis, and the first wave of hip hop artists Stamped is not an objective book, nor does it need to be In fact, its subjectivity might be its greatest strength While most nonfiction books for young adult readers are biographies, autobiographies, sports or outdoor adventure narratives, or books intended to be motivational or inspirational, Stamped is a lively book of ideas and theories designed to stimulate a young reader s intellect and curiosity I d like to see books like Stamped that use young people s language to require readers to think deeply about important issues and actively use what they learn for the betterment of themselves and their world With books like Stamped, maybe there would be no need to re frame history books as something other than what they are. Jason Reynold s magic is on every page, transforming Ibram Kendi s work into an accessible volume for youth For all libraries Grade 7. I received this book at ALA in exchange for an honest review, thank you to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers publisher for allowing me to read and review Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You Now I will tell you all the truth when I heard they wear giving away arcs of Jason Reynolds s new book Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You I jump at the chance to grab one of his books I tell you I have not read any of his books before but I have heard amazingly fantastic reviews about his books so I wanted to grab this arc immediately when I saw it at ALA Now I had no idea this fantastic book was a non fiction book at first but when I got home and read the synopsis I was shocked to find out it was a non fiction book and I was shock when I realize it was a book that was already written by Ibram X Kendi Now I was kind of disappointed at first this was a non fiction book written by Jason Reynolds but the facts and stories in Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You are by Ibram X Kendi I am not a big nonfiction reader and I don t read a lot of nonfiction books but this book, this book I tell you all had me re thinking to read nonfiction books in the future I think Jason Reynolds wrote this book for Ibram X Kendi for younger readers and middle graders to better understand and learn the importance of Racism, Antiracism, and You in America today And oh my Jason Reynolds s writing style was pure brilliant and flawless that I understood every word he wrote in this book and I dare say is writing style will hook you from the very beginning as well I have heard about Ibram X Kendi that he is a really strong and very intelligent man that his books are very thought provoking and will have you thinking about what is going on in the world in the past to this present day about Racism and Antiracism in America This amazing book has even opened up of my eyes to the history of Racism and Antiracism from the past and present day Now Ibram X Kendi does state at the beginning of this book that Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You is not a history book and I can tell you it is not a history book but true stories and facts about Racism and Antiracism through the time and I love reading every story and facts in this book that I just couldn t put this book down that I finish reading this book in two days I just couldn t get enough of this book All and all I thoroughly loved and enjoyed reading Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You that I would like to read nonfiction books like this one hopefully soon I will most definitely try to read books by Jason Reynolds as well. A thousand s Wow It s a must for every adult It needs to be taught in history classes in every U.S school as part of the curriculum It s important Critical Don t wait Read this book Share this book STAMPED has the power to change false perceptions of race, crush lies, and bring about important change in laws that continue to promote racism and other forms of hate BUT, that means we need to take positive action Don t wait Start by reading this book Share this book It s impactful to hear the authors read this novel So if you can, I highly recommend that you listen to the audiobook We know that certain books have the power to transform lives IF we learn from them integrate the lessons learned into our lives STAMPED is that kind of book.For readers listeners, STAMPED may be a start or a continuation to embracing antiracist behavior That s why it s critical for this to be integrated into education Don t wait Read it Share it

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